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Jul 23, 2012

This week, it's NavionFlyer that's my co-host and we record show number 171, but this time I'm recording in the new Studio! We break it in right with some news, some letters, and our main topic this week is about some interesting videos Tim found from a guy that's building some need planes out of Dollar Tree Foam (you know, the 20" x 30" stuff you get for only a buck?).

Also, be sure that you get in on our latest contest; it's sponsored by our good friends over at All you have to do is email me your favorite RC Tip, or even post it on our Facebook Fan Page. At the end of August, we'll throw all of the entries into a hat and draw the winner. That luck person wins a MiniBipe kit!!!


Cheesy Tour Of The New Studio

600 mph RC Jet?? (Misinfo at 8:45, but still kind of interesting)

Drones Can Be Hijacked, too!

PhlatBoyz Win Lake Gilman Day Float Contest (You'll need to log on to see the pics)

Calculate Required Servo Torque (You'll want to bookmark this)

Experimental Airlines YouTube Channel  (VERY Informative!)

EA's Current Contest

Making The ARMAN Wing

Foamboard Fuse Tubes

Foamboard Stabilizers

Covering Tapes

Yak Having Trouble On Take-Off? (Thanks for the laugh, Ron K.!)