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Jan 24, 2010

This week you get to listen to all three of us knuckleheads (me, Dorsal, and IFLYOS) ramble on about various things. We answer a listener's email about how we go about selecting a power system for a new project, and we clue you in on a special "Ask The RCAdvisor" segment that we hope to introduce next week!

Are you tired of the same old designs composed of balsa, foam, balsa and foam, foam and balsa, more foam, balsa, etc? LOL Well, how about just abandoning those old mediums? GO FLY A KITE! (An RC Kite, that is!)

Lotsa Links:

Watt Meters - Watt's Up, Super Whattmeter, Power Meter, Tenergy
RCAdvisor Online Calculator
The Original RC Kite - The IFO!
Overseas Imitator With Some Unique Designs
Awesome RC Kite Video From Singapore!
Davereap's DIY RC Kite Thread
Davereap's RC Night Kites Thread
Wicked-Cool Vector Kites!
Perhaps The Ultimate RC Kite!
Some Great Kite Parts Suppliers:

And, finally, if you are planning to embark on your own RC Kite Journey, you may consider getting the bulk of your parts from one of my favorite suppliers - RCFoam. They can hook you up with the CF, Motor, ESC, and those awesome Hextronics servos!

Al Toney
over nine years ago

Hey guys,
great show about kites. I build IFOs and here\'s
a good site to get parts.
I had lots of trouble with ripstop nylon shrinking
in the sun and warping the airframes in flight.
A kitebuilder told me about icarex PC-31 fabric which is also know as 1/2oz polycarbonate coated ripstop polyester. This is light and looks great
and will not shrink in the sun. My site has a detailed build of a modified version of Dan\'s
MKIII. One other thing that I found is that the MKIII will pull out of a high speed dive if you have hitec 65\'s in it. I just don\'t want people to have to go through the testing on fabric like I did. All ripstop is not the same for outdoors
and some will shrink. I\'ve done the homework.