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Sep 25, 2014

This week's show (#278, if you're keeping score) covers a lot of ground, and the silliness is certainly in full swing! In the NEWS department, Horizon has some new offerings and I got my OX CNC up and running (Video below). We conclude our CNC discussion this week with possible solutions for CAD design applications, as well as CAM programs. We wrap things up with Tim (IFLYOS) King discussing his adventures at the Heli Extravaganza he attended last weekend.



Horizon New Products

Crash's OX Is Alive!

SketchUp (I use the free version)

FreeCAD (OpenSource CAD Solution)

InkScape (Not really CAD, but it will work)

DraftSight (A good free CAD solution)

TurboCad ($99)

Sketch-U-Cam (FREE!)

LazyCam ($75 - From the makers of Mach3)

CamBam ($149, very good CAM solution)

Vectric Cut2D ($149, probably one of the BEST CAMs)

SEFF 2015 Challenge - BUILD ONE OF THESE!

This Week's Slideshow Pics

Heli Extravaganza Videos

tntneon's Tonka Summit FPV

Heli-Ex 2014 Recap (Whirlybird Videos)

Heli-Ex 2014 FPV Obstacle Course (Korey)

Heli-Ex 2014 FPV Run (ChiefSpecialK)

Heli Skiing With Steve O'Conner (WOW!)