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Mar 26, 2015

We started out this week's show with a plan. Yes, we actually had a topic in mind for a lengthy discussion and thought that it would make for a fantastic show. Well, if you'd like to know what that topic is, you'll just have to give NEXT WEEK'S SHOW a listen, as we never got to it! LoL Instead, we totally got into a DLG discussion, which as actually quite fitting since Tim attended his first DLG event last weekend.


The Real Gary Ball's Make-Per-Day Blog

Airnamics (Now THESE things need regulation!)

The Alula Is Returning! (I'll get one this time!)

FAA Streamlines Rules 

Ritewing Drak (Only 2 weeks left to get in on this!)

Special Edition Paper Airplane Kit

Esprit Model

UMX WhipIt

This Week's Slideshow