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Dec 11, 2014

 In this week's show we do our normal thing, and I find myself wondering why you folks even follow our nonsense. LoL Be sure to check out the link below for Darren's Lipo Bunker - it's probably the best solution for safe charging that I've seen to date!

Also, we have our favorite multi-rotor expert and supplier, Paul "Witespy" Baxter, come on and share some of the new stuff he's added to his website since we last spoke. If you're into the multi-rotor game, I'm sure you'll be interested in some of these new items! 



FancyPicker's Blade 350QX3

RCX 3in1 Battery Meter/Balancer/Discharger

Mistletoe Drone

Chuck's Forza 450

LetsFlyRC (A site to keep your eye on!)

Speaker Upgrade For Taranis

Lipo Storage And Charge Bunker (Cool idea!)

E-Flite Carbon-Z Splendor

Enigma F5B For Sale!!

Daemon Relay (FPV With A Repeater!)

Daemon Relay Explained


This Week's Slideshow