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Dec 3, 2012

Isn't it funny how we start off by saying we really don't have much to go over for the week, but yet we still are about to occupy 90 minutes worth of your time? Well, that's the case with this 188th installment of our show, LoL Join us for some more all-over-the-board discussion (as seems to be our norm these days).

A special THANK YOU! goes out to our supportive listener base this week, as you guys have come to our aid with your donations by helping pay for our web fees for 2013!!


RACores (This week's "Spotlight Vendor")

Backyard Brains (Ok, this is cool, but kinda creepy)

Interesting Use For A Quad

Dynamic Heli Aerodynamics Explained

Heli-Max Blade Balancer

Human-powered Heli

Skookum SK-GPS Ready For Pre-Order

RESPECT Those Blades! (WARNING - NOT For The Squeamish!)

QuadShot (Mixing a Quad AND a fixed-wing)

EMC2 Keyboard Labels

CELL-RACR (This is a hoot! LoL)

Sega Rally

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