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Jun 6, 2011

While Ron is out enjoying a company picnic with his family and coworkers, Tim and I handle this 121st installment. No worries, though - the banter is bountiful, as we have a couple of guests in the workshop this week! John is in from Florida to talk about some of the new gadgets we're trying out in the Multi-Rotor arena, and my buddy Bob makes his debut on the show to tell us about his new BIG quad and the flying wing he and I built this wekend. Cool stuff!


Hangar 9's New 35% Extra 300

New Beech Staggerwing

Retracts for that Beech

RCG thread on that $10 Flying Kite we talked about (And a little challenge for Laine! LoL)

CHEAP Power Supplies (Get two if you need 24 volts - I'll be working up some instructions soon!)

This week's NEWS on the Home Page at AllThingsCrash spotlights the pictures that Bob sent in of his new projects, so check it out already! :)