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Feb 23, 2009

After finally figuring out how to airbrush (thanks to RCGroups' ADreher!), I had success last week with painting my SloFly Micro 22! In this installment Dorsal and I discuss finishing techniques for all of your foamie airplanes - especially airbrushing.

While the Micro 22 was really nothing more than an airbrushing test-bed, it turned out so nice that I had to complete it. Below is the video I shot of this little plane's maiden flight on Sunday, 2.22.09, but if you got to YouTube, you can see it much better in High Quality.

I also get to release some hot information regarding our favorite CNC machine. Trust me, you're gonna want to hear this one! Sworn to secrecy, I've been holding on to this piece of information for quite some time now and I hafta say, it's been KILLING ME! LOL

Also, we're back with some more Steals Of The Week!

ARCED Servos
Cheap HK-450 Heli Kit
PowerUp 400 Motor
ADreher's Painting Tips
Colored Tape


We hope you all enjoy the show!

Mike Remy
over ten years ago

Awesome, I want one!

Crash Hancock
over ten years ago

You like that, huh? Much different than the stuff you saw me building way back in the old days!

over ten years ago

Crash, that paint job came out really nice, and as soon as my Harbor Freight order arrives, I\'m going to practice by putting a skunk stripe on my neighbor\'s cat! Just kidding, but I hope my skills approach half of yours. Awesome!