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Nov 9, 2009

In this show, Tim gives a full report on the Fighter Flight Against Cancer Fly-In. You may recall from last week's show that this event serves as a memorial to the late Mr. Kenneth Martin, as well as honors others that are fighting (or have fought and lost) the dreaded battle against various forms of cancer. Check the link below for information on how you may also contribute to this event!

Thanks go out to Phil (pval3 on RCG) for turning us on to a supplier of hot-wire cut foam wing cores that are based on the old injection-molded cores that ACE RC used to provide. These core sets were the foundation for many scracth-built planes over the years, including many design by the late Mr. Fred Reese.

Of course, we talked about some other stuff, but I'm too lazy to sum it up here, so check out these links:

FFAC Contribution Info
ACE Foam Wings
Reese Simple Series Plans
CNC Foam Cutter Plans