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May 8, 2014

In this 259th installment of our little show, we are without KarlK and IFYOS - they said they were busy with other things, but I'm betting they were still hungover from their Cinco De Mayo festivities. LoL Nonetheless, Laine, Nav, and I carry the show this week with some news of some interesting new items, events, and where we are with the Help A Vet program (note that we still need a few items!).


WATTS Over Owatonna Pre-Reg (Laine and I are registered!)

AMA's Youth Program

Invertix 400 (DougBo Approved! LoL)

Kyle Stacey And The Invertix 400 (video)

Tornado Frames Hurricane 4PQ

Rpmrpm 4PQ Proto Testing (Note his throttle mix!)

Rpmrpm 4PQ Final Product Testing

Pimp Your FLIP!

RTFQs Has KK2.0's!

RTFQs New Power Distro With BECs

Be-Be Norman (For the WATTS Challenge!)