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Jun 26, 2014

Okay, so our Academy Of Model Aeronautics has been working diligently with the FAA to ensure that our flying hobby is protected. The AMA has set up Safety Guidelines for us to follow, both with regular RC Flight and FPV Flight, and with those guidelines in place, there have been no reported issues. This proves that model aviation, under the self policing practices of our membership, and through the guidance of the AMA, is a safe activity.

That is, until yesterday. The FAA has decided to 're-interpret' what consitutes the Special Rule For Model Aircraft, a rule that was originally written in to pretty much allow us to continue to govern ourselves by the guidelines established by the AMA, thus exempting our hobby from FAA scrutinization. As it stands now, the FAA has pretty much put the screws to us, banning FPV!

This is the main focus of this show. Compared to everyone in the United States, those of us that are affected by this fiasco are an extreme minority. Therefore, now is the time to back the AMA and look to their guidance as to how we should collectively respond. If you are NOT an AMA member, or have let that membership lapse, NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN!! The only chance we have to defeat this thing is to do it by being a unified, uniform, collective group. While we're are waiting for AMA's plan to be revealed, I urge ALL OF YOU to become aware of your State's Senators and Representatives and be prepared to let them all know how you feel about our hobby being taken away from us, those that have followed the rules, by those few bad examples promoted by even worse media!


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