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Dec 7, 2009

We are pleased to have Andy Erwin (Draftman) of MidCalSPADs as our guest this week. Andy used SPAD aircraft to reacquaint himself with the RC hobby after some time away, and even used these designs to teach his two sons the ropes of the flying game. Now Andy brings his work to you in the form of SPAD Flat- and ARF-kits for some of the most popular designs. Check out his site at the link below!

Notable Links

Cool Enterprise
Andy's YouTube Channel

Todd Melton
nine and a half years ago

I enjoyed the podcast. I will be flying combat with Andy next week. It was nice to hear so much about combat. The scale spads really do add to the cool factor in RC combat. I actually have one of Andy\'s Corostangs and have enjoyed flying it as a sport and combat plane. I have managed to keep it for about a year now. I hope I don\'t have to order another one after our next combat event.