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Sep 10, 2015

In this week's show we talk about Karl's new (old) Mud Duck, and then we get into a discussion on how one might build their own MultiRotor that is comparable in features and capabilities as something like a DJI Phantom 3 or 3DR Solo. We talked about lots of parts that we might use to satisfy this goal, so there are lots of links for you to click on!


Cellular GPS Tracking Solution?

RC Wingers FPV Extravaganza

Sony's Drone Prototype

A Downed Duck

HMB-180 Pre-Order!


Some RCTimer Frame Options

FliteTest H Quad

FliteTest MultiRotor Kits

Woodies Hobbies Morph

Altitude Hobbies Frames

Hoverthings Frames

Tornado Frames Observer

XProHeli XP2 (Kinda cool!)

Diatone 500 Package At BuddyRC

Slideshow Pics