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Jun 17, 2013

In this 214th installment of our show, we continue on with our "Summer Of MultiRotors/FPV" theme by visiting with Paul Baxter (aka Witespy), an avid MultiRotor pilot and the owner of ReadyToFlyQuads. Paul loves and promotes this aspect of our hobby and has some of the best deals you'll ever find on parts and accessories for your MultiRotor needs, as well as offering some great ready to fly Quads (hence the name of his business) that are high on quality, but still easy on the wallet. Best of all, when you get one of his Quads, you can rest assured that it will fly right out of the box since he tests every one he sells before boxing it up and shipping it to you! I have been flying one of my older Quads using his FLIP 1.5 board (only $15!!), as well as a complete FLIP FPV system, and I can certainly assure you that these things are NICE!

Also, we continue to exhaust our prize pool by plucking another name out of the hat. This week, Dougbo gets to add another great ESC to his collection, as he won a Thunderbird 36 courtesy of our good friends over at Castle Creations! Congrats, Doug, and thanks for your support!


Flying Bicycles?? (SEFF 2014 project?)

DIY Cheap, Sturdy, 1 Hour Quad (Great work, Mark H.!)

flitelab (A great source for our Canadian MultiRotor junkies)

A BEAST Of A Beast (just WOW!)

Some GOOD MultiRotor Publicity (for a change)

Castle's New Vertigo Heli Motors

Witespy On YouTube

Battle Quads? (Paul and Alan ripping it up)


Hoverthings (VERY nice Quad frames!)