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Aug 22, 2010

In this 82nd installment we discuss an exciting new product from Horizon, a potential solution for people with module-based JR radios that want 2.4ghz without using the Spektrum module, a DIY project for people wanting use use a hot-wire system instead of an X-acto, and the RCadvisor explains Carlos' Power Rule!


Hobbico FASST Module for JR

UMX Beast (Vid 1, Vid 2, Vid 3)

HeadsUpHobby (Coming August 27th!)

WMParkflyers 42" Yak (Coming soon!)

BTTF Name The Plane Contest

Rene Wire

My DIY HW-PS Build Vids



Gary Ball
almost nine years ago

There are automatic wing core cutting systems available. I built out that uses a simple system of weights and pulleys. It even handles tapered wings. There is a commercial version available but it is easy (and cheap) to build one yourself. The instructions can be found at - I followed another writeup that I found someplace else (by the same person). The other writeup was clearer and had lots of pictures but I can\'t find it right now. Either way it sure works slick. has lots of good hot wire techniques.

Forgive me if you mentioned any of this in the podcast but I have not had the time to listen to this edition of the Crashcast yet. (I am about 2 episodes behind).

Gary Ball
almost nine years ago

Feel free to use my full grown up name.