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May 7, 2012

Well, I'm back at home after a fun-filled week in Americis, GA, and after Tim and I do a little re-hash of SEFF, I get into a "dissection" of the old Mud Duckling sharing my experience with the plane (my mistakes and things I will do differently with the next rendition). I also talk a bit about a friend's radio that I saw at SEFF, and Carlos is back again with another "Ask The RCadvisor" segment (learn about choosing the perfect trainer). Oh, and we have a few news items to share, too!


2DogRC has a fresh new website worth checking out

New Fuel Pump At BPHobbies

Telemetry Voice Announcing System for you HiTec guys

Heavy Duty Servo Horns (SWEET!)

If you want to see the videos that were shot by me, Ed, and Thomas, I currently have them all at AllThingsCrash.

Oh, and for all of you guys that have been wondering about our Mini Gremlin GiveAway, we haven't forgotten! We'll try to get the drawing done this week. :)