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Dec 17, 2012

Wow! CHRISTmas has already rolled around again? Didn't we just celebrate it like 11 months ago??

This week, in our 190th installment, IFLYOS and I are treated to a couple of guests in the workshop - Hance and DougBo!! There's some news on the hobby front, and a couple of new items we've found to discuss, and when we get that stuff out of the way, we share a few listener's Dear Santa letters along with what WE would like to receive.


RiteWing Mini Z

Airstrips Are For Girls!

Meridian 10cc ARF

Archer BNF

Easy Bevel 45 and VIDEO by Hance

Goblin 770 - so easy a DOG can fly it!

Ride The Hose, Mitch! LoL

Zephyr V-70

SuperFly On Floats??

Griff-Werks Foamies - Check out that dragon!

Auto-G Gyrocopter

DIY Gyrocopters

MakerShed 3D Printers

NEW BSI Foam Glue - Flexible!

62" 3DHS Osiris

Mini Vapor BNF (Bathroom fun?)

UMX Beast 3D (I LOVE this plane!)

Hance held a little contest over at the RC Pilots Association Facebook Page and announced a WINNER of one of his Edge 540 or YAK 55 foamie kit, but you guys will have to wait until next week to find out who won. ;)