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Jun 3, 2013

So if you're wondering about the name of this 212th show, then you need to start listening to our LIVE stream on Sunday evenings at 8pm CDST. I will say, though, that MetroGTi is the one that coined this unigue title. LoL

For those of you that have been wanting more Multi-Rotor talk, well, it's starting to happen! Tim and I have been having some great success with the Flight Controller boards that we've gotten from ReadyToFlyQuads, and we are growing our skills fairly quickly learning all of the cool things these systems will provide. Best of all, they are not expensive at all! If you're looking at getting a quad in the air on a budget, you'll certainly want to listen in because I give a nie little recipe for success!

Congrats to our winners this week! We gave away Castle Creations 10amp BEC to BigD61 and a ReadyToFlyQuads Flip 1.5 Flight Controller to PCPhil! A special thanks goes out to the fine sponsors for offering up these great prizes. Hit their links and check them out!


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