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May 30, 2010

In this 71st installment, we discuss Dorsal's progress and newest acquisitions, a cool site I found (cardboard? REALLY?), Larry's Blue Foam Wonder (as featured in Park Pilot magazine!),  the RCadvisor talks a bit about scaling down airplanes, and I offer up a couple more great suppliers of balsa kits (for Corey from last week's show).

As well, the cat is out of the bag! I've been kicking around the concept of online tutorials to help more people discover the magic that is balsa, but Fred (a very talented balsa builder) lit the fire beneath me so we're off. It's gonna be a great summer!!


Autohec's Store

7UP's Hot Wire Power Supply

Chuck's Cardboard Aircraft

Stevens Aero

Radical RC

Select Hobbies

MW Cores

Oh, and before I forget, here's your shopping list!

   Four - 3/16" x 3/16" x 36" balsa sticks

   One - 1/4" x 1/4" x 36" balsa stick

   Three - 1/16" x 4" x 36" balsa planks

   Five - 1/8" x 4 x 36" balsa planks

   One - piece of 6" x 6" x 1/8" Lite Ply

   If your budget allows, pick up a small sheet of 1/32" ply, too. It's great for strengthening!

Buying the sizes I've shown above, you'll have some scrap left over. I actually used quite a few 3" wide planks, but rather than make the list too confusing, I've just shown 4" stock. It's better to have some left over for another project than to be short and have to postpone your building session!

If you do NOT have a local hobby shop to get this stuff from, head on over to one of my favorite foam vendors that now sells balsa at very reasonable prices - RCFoam!

over nine years ago

Ok, I found the shopping list in plain site! lol, but I still can\'t find the plans or any pictures.

over nine years ago

Great, looking forward to it. Why not squat the rcg thread soon? ;-)

over nine years ago

Mike! Lets get a rcgroups support thread for the group build like TVC\'s foam workshops!

over nine years ago

Looking forward to it. Shopping list started and heading to the LHS tonight for some balsa! This will be my first balsa scratch and like you, I don\'t crash unless I am screwing around working on a risky technique or some kind of nasty technical problem. Looking forward to participating...

over nine years ago

Ok, where is the shopping list and plans. Can\'t find them. Also, what about doing the video as a video-cast, just like the podcast just video. That way it will just show up on my ipod as you release them.