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Sep 11, 2014

TheCrashCast crew are certainly no strangers to CNC technology, but it seems like it's been ages since we've discussed these magical machines on the show. As luck would have it, my tooling needs have changed a bit recently, so I have embarked on the build of a new machine - the OX!

In this 276th installment of our show, we talk about some of the ways one might get into CNC routing and some of the machine plans and kits that are available, whether you want to scratch-build one yourself, or just purchase a kit someone has already designed and tested.


AstroFlight Whattmeter

Watt's Up Watt Meter

E-Flite Power Meter

Instructables Affordable CNC Router

Instructables Nicer CNC Router

OpenBuilds OX

Zeus CNC Router (Like The OX, but kit form)

BuildYourCNC Kit Offerings (NICE machines!)

Shapeoko 2 (Another kit)

Sprite Desktop CNC Kit

Fireball V90 CNC Kit

Bluumax CNC Kits

Quick Cut CNC Kits

Fine Line Automation CNC Kit (Like what I have)

Solsylva CNC Router Plans

Makezine Mini CNC Router

Engineer This! DIY CNC

Joes CNC Plans (VERY nice DIY machines!)


CNC Router Source (A great place to start)