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Dec 11, 2013

In this 240th installment of our show, we get an opportunity to visit with Bernd from Cox International! While they've almost been forgotten with the onset of Electrics, Cox engines are what started off so many of us in this great modeling hobby. Bernd tells us about the inventory he has, which seems to be rather plentiful, so you guys needing parts to repair your beloved Cox stuff needn't worry a bit! In fact, you can even snag up some of these original beauties and enjoy a Cox yourself, if you've never had the experience!

This week we debuted a new site for streaming our LIVE show each week, and I have to say that I am quite pleased with the results! If you can get away next Wednesday evening at 7pm Central Standard Time, stop by our NEW SITE for our stream and check us out!


Sponsor Gift Program (Deadline is midnite, Dec. 16th!)

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Dekeract (Interesting design)

Spiderex Micro (Thanks, Yusuf!)

Horizon Changing Hands?

Cox International