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Sep 18, 2014

In this 277th installment of our show, we continue our discussion on CNC machines for YOUR workshop. This week we delve in to the topic of stepper motors, stepper motor controllers, and the software needed to make these things work. Just like last week, we have quite a few links to the sites we discussed.  :)


Spektrum Ultra Micro Cam/VTX System

Justin's Most Excellent Video

3D Printed Drone

Hubbard CNC

Dumpster CNC

Probotix Steppers And Drivers

BuildYourCNC Combos

Keling Steppers And Drivers

HobbyCNC DIY Driver Kit

HobbyCNC Unipolar Steppers

Gecko Drivers

EZ-G540 Connectors For Gecko 540

gShield v40 Motor Controller

TinyG Motor Controller

CNC XPro Controller

Planet-CNC USB to Parallel Controller

USB To Parallel Interace For Mach3

SmoothStepper USB To Parallel Interface

UC100 USB To Parallel Adapter

Artsoft Mach3