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Oct 30, 2014

So in this 283rd installment, we talk about The RAMS Veterans Fly-In, some new products, FAA developments, and share some cool pictures. Being that Halloween is fast approaching, you may notice the spooky theme to some of the pictures. :) Oh, and you'll certainly want to find out all about Cathead's big break! LoL

Have a SAFE and FUN Halloween, gang, and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON TUESDAY!



2014 Veteran's Fly-In (Thanks, Craig!)

New JR XG11MV Module System

Build Log - Burnt Wood RC Multis

RCTS Fun Fly

LEAP 450 3D Quad (DougBo likes it!)

Estes Proto-X FPV

FPV Vapor RTF With Headset!

Simple PDB

The Most Terrifying Night Ever

FAA To Criminalize Model Aircraft?

RCG Discussion On FAA And FPV

This Week's Slideshow Pics