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Dec 5, 2011

As 2011 starts winding down to a close, we finally get a chance to catch up with our buddies (Mark and Trish Carew) over at PhlatBoyZ HQ in this 143rd installment of our show. They've had quite a busy year this year and yet they just keep plugging away on new manufacturing solutions that we can all look forward to! (Remember, if you've been contemplating purchasing one of the fine pieces of equipment from the PhlatBoyz (Original PhlatPrinter, PhlatPrinter III, or the PhlatFormer), be sure to enter Coupon Code "CRASHCAST" to get $25 off your order! Please note that this offer ends when 2011 is over.)

Additionally, Ron talks a bit about the RadicalRC Flightbox that he's started putting together, I share some news about a very interesting FPV plane I found and the prize I won over at XtremeFlyer, and the RCadvisor is back with a segment on servo end points!


PhlatBoyZ (The place to get your cool PhlatBoyZ Gear)

PhlatForum (Customer and Peer-level Support for all things Phlat)

PhlatFormer MAKE Article

PhlatBoyZ HBot Pro Teaser

Mikey'sRC Slow Flying FPV Biplane

A special THANKS! goes out to our friend (wishing to be known simply as an "Anonymous Builder") that donated the last amount of money needed to make TheCrashCast completely "listener supported" in 2012.  A total of twenty four of your folks took care of us in short order. We will try our absolute best to make it worth your funds in the new year. God Bless you all!!