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Feb 7, 2011

This week we discuss perhaps the hottest product announcement this quarter - the release of a new flavor of Spektrum's DSM technology. Was it the "J" standard like what Futaba has with their FASST system that I predicted quite some time ago? It doesn't look like it. Spektrum continues the love with their release of the new DX10T transmitter with a form factor reminiscent of what the folks in Europe have enjoyed for many years. In addition to these discussions, we'll talk about some listener emails, the BluWing Tim is getting at SEFF, and the RCadvisor discusses the use of digital servos with FM transmitters.


How To NOT Be Safe With Your Heli (Thanks, Stef!)

Matt's TriCopter Adventure (Lots Of Data, Vids, and Pics - Thanks, Matt!)

Spektrum DSMX Announcement

Spektrum DX10T (Mikey Likes It!)

HellRazor_77's BluWing (note that when this drops off the first page you can find it in the ALL ARTICLES section of my site)

Discussion Of HellRazor's "454"