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Mar 7, 2010

In this 59th installment the whole team is here to discuss happenings in our RC lifes, as well as some future events on our schedules. I also talk a little about my new RC Kite (it's almost complete now!) and share a letter from DaveReap that contains some great tips for RC Kite-making. Oh, and in addition to another Ask The RCadvisor segment, I've got a couple of great Steals Of The Week!



Virginia Pre-Spring Fling (Tim's going to this one!)

WAMSRC Swap Meet (Crash should be at this one)

Toledo Show (Look for Crash AND Dorsal here)

JR 9503 Service Bulletin

New MKII Pricing

Some Of My Favorite Shows: ATTF, RCFC LIVE, RCFreak, NZ Parkflyers, PhlatShow

Every Knot Known To Mankind