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Mar 21, 2011

So this week, it's just me and Ron in the workshop for episode #110. We do a little reminiscing and discuss bearing replacement in nitro motors and give a status update on the QSC TriCopter project. Wow! This year's Scratch-Build Club project has turned into more work than last year's design! LOL Bear with us, though - we're almost done!


DIY Hand-Wired Flight Stabilization System

Free Files! (use these to order the Wii MultiCopter Interconnect boards that we use)

Leadfeather's F-35 V-TOL

Join us next week, as we are expecting to have the information ready so that you can order your board kits directly from us so you can avoid that "bird's nest" of wires! Also, be watching AllThingsCrash this week for the setup and configuration information for the FSS.