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Jul 17, 2014

In this week's show we are missing KarlK and IFLYOS, but we pick up some dude named "Cathead" to help fill in. We talk about our usual bunch of stuff - both on- and off-topic, including news items, and such. We also get into a little discussion on finding and setting the Center Of Gravity ('CG') on kits, ARFs, and Scratch-built designs. Also, we have an opportunity to visit with our buddy Vintauri about WATTS Over Owatonna, which is coming up very soon!


RACores GremTwin

Mac's B-29 Goes In (Vid by Blueray450)

eLearning Related to sUAS (April E.C. Minutes)

Finding CG Of A Scale Model Plane

Designing CG Using Moment Arms (Swarfer's site)

Flying Wing CG Calculator

Aircraft CG Calculator

Determining CG For A Well Flying Model


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