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Oct 31, 2013

In this 234th installment we cover a surprising amount of ground! There's a bit of news, some info on how you can support our show AND get a chance to get "gifted" some cool goodies, we get to hear Karl's second part of the interviews he did while traveling abroad, and we debut a new segment called "Ask Witespy" where we bring on our Multi-Rotor Guru to field questions regarding the newest facet of our hobby that is totally sweeping the nation!



Flying 2 Fight Cancer Event (Also on Facebook)

RC Fun For Halloween From Tom Mabe

Another RC Halloween Trick On Gizmodo

A New PecanPatch Video Surfaces

Embracing New Technologies (AMA Has Our Back!)

FLIP Quad At Dusk (KarlK Thrashing Vid)

KarlK OPQ Testing

Definition Of "Karling"

Sponsor Gift Program (Support Our Show!)

Also, you may want to consider popping in sometime to our LIVE audio stream of the show every Wednesday night at 7pm Central. You'll get to hear the show as it happens, mistakes and all), but best of all, you get to participate in the Post Show that never gets aired. This week, Dadde stopped by and hung out with us and we had a blast with our favorite Swede!