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Oct 24, 2011

In this 137th installment of our little show, we discuss some new technology on the horizon (no pun intended LoL), we share a couple of letters from our listeners, we get another Ask The RCadvisor segment in, we continue on with our "Intro To RC Flight" series, and best of all, we have a special guest in the shop for some Hodge Hounds All Electric Fly-In (HHAEFI) coverage!


New PowerLab 6 Charger

Altitude Hobbies (more new goodies in the product line!)

SlowBipe (My "plane of the week" this week)

SuperFlyRC (One in particular was spotted at HHAEFI)

AS3X Technology - What is it?


Guillow's is Laser-cutting! (Well, some of their kits, anyway)

EastBay RC Autonomous Flight Testing

Anatoly's Tips and pics are over at AllThingsCrash