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Mar 5, 2015

I want to start this blog entry with an apology to our dowload-only audience. This episode is our 300th recording of the show, and we set out to celebrate this milestone with our LIVE listening audience. In fact, we even planned to give away some cool prizes to the folks that tuned in, but we quickly found out that having that many people listen live (a record 108!) and try to answer questions to win something was server breaking. LoL We found ourselves stumbling and stammering, not really knowing what to do next. Anyway (I did it again!), I apologize if you're hearing this episode and wasn't able to listen live, as this one clearly caters to the people that were there.

We've got a special guest in this one - Shawn from Let'sFlyRC! He tells us a little about his opportunity to hang out with our friends from FliteTest at the CFL FPV meet last weekend. 

Thanks go out to all of you guys that continue to follow our little show for all these episodes. Your encouragement fuels us as we try our best to inform and entertain. Without you loyal folks, I would have given up on the show ages ago.


More Info On The Taranis Single Stick Tx

Single Stick Gimbals Available

CFL FPV 'MudFest'

Shawn Is Now A UBAD Team Pilot!

Latest UBAD Frame (SWEET!) 

AllThingsCrash (I'm working to bring it back online)

This Week's Slideshow Pics


In spite of the technical difficulties in this show, we were able to select three winners for three great prizes:

Foam Flight Table Top Airplane Stand - Geostork

RACores EPP Yak55 - Shadow102

RACores EPP BluFo, by MetroGTi - MultiRC