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Mar 13, 2014

This 251st installment of our show has the whole gang present and we try to build on last week's segment where we continue discussing the items every workshop should have. We also talk about how GWS has sponsored our 2014SEFFFATCCCGWSUCNRC 'thing' we are planning to do at SEFF this year with three cool prizes. Furthermore, they are discounting their kits to make it even cheaper for you to get YOUR airframe to participate in this unofficial event! In addition, we try our best to answer a couple of listener questions that you may find informative, as well.



iCharger 106B+

Hitec X1-200 Touch

Lipoly Objective Performance Calculation Tool

Servo Database (Not mentioned, but a great tool)


Power Up an ATX Power Supply Without A PC

ATX Breakout Board

LiPo Checker

Watts Up Watt Meter (Preferred Choice)

E-flite Power Meter 

Altitude Hobbies


The pictures from this week's slideshow can be found HERE