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Jun 18, 2012

We've got lots of cool things to discuss during this 167th installment of our show, so I'm certain that you can find something of interest! We talk about FPV antennas, and flying, and building, and the changes I'm making to my FPV SlowStick, and our definition of "scratchbuilding", and Fathers Day, and the upcoming Field Day event next week, and a lot of other things. LoL Please note that the show will be "dark" next week since Tim and I will both be HAMming it up next week, but we'll be back the following week.


Open Rail (There's still time to get in on this great new product!)

Model Plane Foam (I just ordered some of this to review)

Tim's Pulsar

Simple KF "V" Wings

Discussion on What Scratchbuilding Really Means

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

UHF RF Beacon

Foamboard Scratchbuild University (LOTS of great info!)

Carolina Speed Rally

RF Spectrum Wall Chart

Field Day Locator