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Nov 14, 2013

In this 236th installment of our show, we are all in the workshop and even have a special guest to help us do our best to cover just about everything FPV that we can think of. We welcomed long-time listener and personal friend, Korey Balint (Shadow102) to the show and he helped us to fill in some of the gaps with this fast growing segment of the RC Hobby (both fixed wing and multi-rotor).

I preface the show with some bad news regarding the quality of this episode, so I won't rehash it again in here, but please understand that this issue is just as frustrating on our end as it is yours. We are all cursing Microsoft today (Skype was a great tool until MS got their grubby mitts on it!).


Early Electronics Enrichment (Please consider lending a hand!)

Karl's New Charging Case (80 Amps HERE!)

TransAmerica Tour 2014 (They're looking for pilots!)

Tim Has An ADS400Q (Pics, Tim!!!)

AMA Safety Code

AMA Advanced Flight Systems Committee Report

A Great Place To Start For DIY FPV Stuff

DIY Diopters For FatShark Goggles (Great Article!)

DIY FPV Goggles

Antennas 101 (Superb video for polarization, diversity, and gain patterns)

ReadyMadeRC (Where we get OUR FPV goodies)

ARRL (A good place to start for getting that HAM license)

Frequency Allocations In The U.S.

Nanny Cam Example (for getting your feet wet on the cheap)



HeadPlay Combo

Trimersion Headset Info

Sony 600 Line Camera

Flite Test Long Range Video System Shootout