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Oct 29, 2012

We are back again this week, but Tim is MIA. No worries, though, as Hance has popped on to take his place for our 183rd show. There's not been a whole lot going on in the workshop lately, but I did get a chance to fly a great little plane that Hance sent (along with another interesting item LoL) and it was quite the handful! Join us for some news on some new offerings as well as some of your letters and links.


2.4ghz Wing Direction Aerial (Near the bottom - Thanks, Cal!)

MurocFlyer's Freeflight to RC Kit-Bash Contest

Model Airplane Building Clinic #2 - A PLANS Build!

Adrenaline Rush

FlyLineRC (Does anyone know of this is any good?)

A Smokin' Deal On A Quad Kit!

A Smaller Vapor?? (Bathroom flying, anyone?)

Edge 540QQ 280 BNF (Looks like another Quique hit!)

Beginner's Heli Red Bull Style

Blade mSR RTF Back In Production

GreatPlanes Gee Bee Sport Scale with FREE AnyLink

Hots 40 Bipe Plans

MORE Hots Plans

Lincoln Beachey - One Of The Most Famous Men You've Never Heard Of

3D Printed Airplane (Thanks for the link, Tony!)

AR Protective Gear - Approved by Hance and Crash