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Apr 29, 2013

We are sorry that things didn't work out to supply you guys with a show last week, but we were just too busy playing at Hodges Field and getting ready for SEFF 2013 to kick off.

Nonetheless, we were able to get everyone all together to do a quick recording last Saturday evening (just after the big bbq dinner, but before the Night Bowling got underway). I'll warn you, though, this 207th installment of our show has poor sound quality, but it was fun recording it and maybe it will give you a little "feel" for what it's like to attend this great gathering. Also, we picked a WINNER for our Building With Foam Book Contest! The luck recipient was actually at SEFF, but we were unable to locate him to give him his prize. No worries, though. As soon as he gets me his snail mail address, I'll get it in the mail.

Our plan will be to do a better job next week summarizing the things we saw at this year's SEFF and maybe even have a few links for you guys then.