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Aug 15, 2013

In this 223rd installment of our show, we get to meet up with our friend (and long time listener), Mark Harrison. In previous shows we've mentioned that the new Taranis 16 that has surfaced in the world of Transmitter offerings may be something worth a second look, and Mark shares his experiences with the one that HE has!

Also, I am ashamed to admit it, but I totally forgot to mention the fact that I had the opportunity to be on another podcast last week! I was a special guest on the RC Hangartime podcast for Episode #29. These guys are doing a great job with adding some more RC-related podcast content, and have been MY personal fix as of late while I've been whiling away the hours in my workshop. Check them out sometime! Oh, and be sure to check out Episode #28 where KarlK Sits in.


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RCA&E Flight Festival Fast Approaching

Electrics Over Tidewate Event (Waiting for Site Update)



Radikal Condor 830 (Karl LIKES!)

New FlyZone Micro P-38

FRSKY Taranis 16 (Nice-looking Tx!)

EastBay RC (Mark's Wicked-Cool Site!)

MakerCamp Field Trip To Pixar (Flying Pool Noodle May Be Spotted!)