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Mar 22, 2009

After my call for some 60-sized kit suggestions last week, I've received quite a few suggestions for kits that I should consider for my Thunder Tiger Pro .61 engine. Thanks for these great responses!

Bridi Airplanes
Uproar 60
Goldberg Super Chipmunk
Ultra Sport 60
Super Sportster 60
Sig Four Star 60

I snagged up a new compressor from Harbor Freight that works great! Here's the link:

My Compressor

Also, Dorsal brings up the great tool he's been using to remove the edges from FFF (tool conceived by RCGroup's 66tbird) and the interesting use of that little piece of scrap that's left over! Here's a link to the tool:

66tbird's Cool Tool

Until next week...

Fred Kroll aka windy city
almost ten years ago

indoor airbrushing tip!
Grab a box fan and tape a furnace filter to to front of it, run it on low. Do your airbrushing in front of the fan, the furnace filter will grab all the overspray. And old trick I used in the apartment days. lol