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Jan 9, 2014

This 242nd installment of our show has us back in the workshop for our first show of 2014! After a brief recap of some of our activities over the Holiday break, and a few news items, we get into our main topic of discussion - finding that kit for your first balsa build.

Now as most folks know, the annual SEFF event is fast approaching and we only have about 90 days to get everything built, repaired, and prepared for this thing. As most know, Team Cobra tries to pull off something new and unusual for every event, and this year will be no different. We hope to continue the madness with the "2014SEFFFATCCCGWSUCNRC". What is this, you say? Well, it is short (LoL) for The 2014 SEFF First Annual Team Cobra/Crash Cast GWS Unlimited Class Night Rally Challenge! LoL The challenge is to come to SEFF with any GWS airframe of your choosing, all decked out with lighting for night flying, and with ANY power system of your choosing. We plan to light up the skies each night with a horde of these plans, flying laps around Hodges Field just ast fast and low as we can! These airframes fly well, are CHEAP, and come in a variety of styles, BUT they are not very durable, so you may do like we are doing and plan on bringing a spare airframe to get through the week (I've already purchased a pair of Formosa kits). Without a doubt, there will be lots of carnage and laughter, so snag up a kit, or two to secure your place in the fun! We are even thinking about having some sort of recognition for the coolest plane, the ugliest plane, and God only knows what else! You know how we do this - we make it all up as we go. :)


Vintauri's SketchUp For RC Series

First VinauriRC Review For 2014

OpenBuilds Gets Mention At

AirDroids (Interesting Multi Found By Yusuf P.)

Hitec X-1 Touch (A very nice charger!)

New Motors And ESCs At RTFQs (Check out the small motors!)

HURC GWS Offerings (Where I got MY GWS plane!)

Kit manufacturers to consider for your first balsa kit:

Stevens Aero

Mountain Models

Sig Mfg

Hobby Express (Check out the Telemasters!)

House Of Balsa

Park Scale Models

Guillows (A little more challenging to build, but FUN!)

Whizard Plans From A Post On RCG

McClain Foam Wing Cores For Whizard! (Found it this morning!)