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Feb 4, 2013

As you may have already heard, we had a problem with our recording of show 196 last evening (thanks to Microsoft turning Skype into, well, a typical Microsoft product). Since we discussed quite a few cool things, I just hated to NOT put a product out this week. That being said, this show is my attempt at a "redo" of some of what we discussed last night.


Toby's Featured Instructable

Crazyflie Nano Quad

Area 51 "Bat Plane"?

RC Hangar Time #4 - DLG

Filabot (COOL!)

Sabre 47 Maiden (Thanks Hance!)

Switch Eyewear

Pivothead Video Recording Eyewear

Aurora 9X

Hitec H4 DC 4 Port Charger

Hitec X1MF Charger (Will we see this in the USA?)

Multiplex Solius (Solius Video)

Multiplex FunMan (FunMan Video)

Multiplex Tucan (Tucan Video)

"The Buck Stop"

Hobbyzone Glasair

Blade CX4

Official CrashCast Gear

TheCrashCast LIVE (This is where we will be streaming the next show)

During this show we announce a new CONTEST! RCPtero has graciously supplied us with a copy of Keith Sparks' "Building With Foam" book that you can win by simply sending us a picture of what YOU would like to build (real aircraft of your 'napkin drawing') once you've learned the techniques described in the book. You can email me the info, or better yet, post it on our Facebook Fan Page. We'll take all the entrants names, toss them in a hat, and then have RCPtero draw the winner at SEFF 2013 in April. Deadline to enter is April 17, 2013. Good Luck!