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Jan 28, 2013

In this 195th installment of our show, we finally got around to doing something we've wanted to do for a LONG time - we streamed this show LIVE! Special thanks goes out to my co-host, Karl, for helping get this junk figured out. We didn't really publicize this, though some friends on Facebook helped to get the message out. We had a few folks listen in and the report back was that everything worked just fine (Thanks go to Vintauri, Hance, MetroGTI, Cloudsplitter, PCPhil, RCPtero, and you other guys that provided feedback for this test).

We talked about the usual things we normally cover - some new stuff, some videos, and other cools things we found that pertain to this great RC hobby.

Join us next week for another LIVE show that we will do on Sunday, February 3rd, at 9pm EST HERE (if the link works correctly LoL)!


OpenBuilds YouTube Channel

Pet Quad?

Building With Foam, by Keith Sparks (We've got one to give away!)

Eagle Tree Guardian

LMopar69's Twin Cuda

SimonK ESC's: Comparison

SimonK ESC Reflash (Thanks for the link, Mark!)

Jotto's Winter Flying Guide

Gas Goblin (Helifreak thread)

Century E640 Heli Stretch

Rotomast V22 Osprey Build Thread

Flybar vs FBL (interesting perspective)

Nick Maxwell Buddy-boxing