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Feb 7, 2010

In this 55th installment it's me and Tim bringing you some updates, news of a new and upcoming PhlatBoyZ offering, and some great new airframes to consider for that Micro RC gear you may have laying around. Carlos is back with another "Ask The RCadvisor" segment, too!

Notable Links:

Mario's Video - Installing EastRC Parts

BEST Deal ANYWHERE On A CC Thunderbird 9

Building an RC Kite? I got my Carbon Fiber HERE

Coming Soon - the PhlatFORMER!

The Brainy Calculator, So You Don't Have To Be!

My New Fvorite Spray Gun For Apple Barrel Paints

Bill Lowe's Bird Kit for the Park Zone Brick

Some Warbird Fun for that ParkZone Brick

Already busted that new 4 Site? Put your gear in THIS PLANE